The Fort Saskatchewan Food Gatherer’s Society, operators of the Fort Saskatchewan Food Bank announce that we are sharing space within our location at 11226 88 Ave with the Fort Saskatchewan Furniture Bank Society, effective May 1, 2023.

The Food Bank moved into our new location, named the Fort Saskatchewan Nourishment Centre, on June 1, 2021, with plans to grow the site into a community hub, by meeting the needs of our community in a meaningful way. Our strategic plan involves growing from a traditional food bank offering solely emergency-based food hampers to a community food resource centre providing multiple programs addressing food insecurity and improving the lives of those in need. Sharing warehouse space with the Furniture Bank is a notable piece of that plan.

The Fort Saskatchewan Furniture Bank Society, established in April 2017 is a volunteer driven nonprofit organization focused on restoring hope, dignity, and stability to their clients by coordinating the generosity of donors to help furnish homes for people in need, giving them a fresh start in life. The Furniture Bank, serving approximately 200 clients per year, currently occupies a small space located at 9904 103 Street and a larger space has been needed for many months. Their program “recycles” gently used furniture, saving donors the hassle of selling the item or the trip to the landfill. It involves the pickup of goods from donors, storage at their facility and coordination of delivery to clients’ homes.

The Food Bank and the Furniture Bank remain separate entities, operating independently and while the Furniture Bank will be located in Bay 7 of the Fort Saskatchewan Nourishment Centre, their operations remain consistent – they are a virtual furniture bank and so do not have a storefront open to the public in general. Donor drop-offs can be arranged but only after contacting the Furniture Bank ahead of time to discuss the item.

Their website explains the best way for contact as:

We are a virtual furniture bank. We do not have a phone number. The best way for potential clients and donors to contact us is by private message on the Fort Saskatchewan Furniture Bank Facebook Messenger. By using Facebook Messenger it ensures your request is automatically part of our response process. We typically respond within 24 hours.

Kassandra Gartner, Food Bank Executive Director “Our team is grateful to be able to offer space and to share our building with an organization such as the Furniture Bank. Their mission aligns with ours and I believe they serve their clients with the same compassion and care that we strive for when we are providing food. Folks who are struggling and need some help deserve to be treated with dignity, seen, and heard. The Furniture Bank is a unique organization and special to Fort Saskatchewan; the vital way they help families and individuals cope with a stressful period is commendable. They have a need for additional space while we have ample warehouse space and the desire to create something different and special, here onsite. Our volunteer team also remembers and knows all too well how difficult it is to operate out of a tiny space!”

Darren Redlick, President, Fort Saskatchewan Furniture Bank “Our team at the Furniture Bank could not be more pleased to announce this space sharing agreement with the Food Bank. Both our organizations are committed to best serving the needs of our clients in Fort Saskatchewan, and we have two organizations that share a common vision to offer a hand up to those in need. By locating the Furniture Bank within the Nourishment Centre along with the Food Bank, this will increase the visibility of our organization, which will allow us to grow and store more of the furniture donations from the generous community within Fort Saskatchewan, and ultimately better serve the needs of our clients. I would like to thank the Board of the Food Bank for working with the Furniture Bank to allow our organizations to work under one roof with our common goal of helping those in need within Fort Saskatchewan. I encourage members of the community to learn more about the valuable work provided by the Furniture Bank team, and how they can support our efforts to meet the ongoing needs for our services.”

Amanda Bell, President Fort Saskatchewan Food Gatherers Society “On behalf of the Fort Saskatchewan Food Gatherers Society, we are so excited to welcome the Fort Saskatchewan Furniture Bank to space share with us. From the beginning, we knew that we wanted to find an organization that was likeminded both in mission and in the clients we support, and we are so delighted to have found that in the Furniture Bank. While we will continue to work as independent organizations, I am looking forward to finding new ways that we can continue to meet the changing needs of Fort Saskatchewan residents.”

Board members from both organizations were present for the announcement and a commemorative photo was taken on Thursday, April 13 at 6:30pm, at the Food Bank.


Kassandra Gartner
Executive Director, Fort Saskatchewan Food Bank
Office: 780-998-409
Mobile: 780-237-0103

Darren Redlick
President, Fort Saskatchewan Furniture Bank
Mobile: 780-720-8873

Fort Saskatchewan Furniture Bank