Diane Brookman

In honour of Alberta Blue Cross celebrating its 75th anniversary in 2023, they are recognizing 75 exceptional volunteers across Alberta. We are very pleased to announce that Diane Brookman has been selected by the Alberta Blue Cross Community Wellbeing program to receive recognition for her outstanding community service and an award of $1000, with the Food Bank receiving a matching gift.

Diane Brookman has been involved with the Fort Saskatchewan Food Bank for approximately 20 years and has filled many roles within her years of volunteering with the Food Bank. Her calm nature, happy disposition, sincerity in all she does, and extensive food banking and historical knowledge greatly benefit our organization. Diane demonstrates kindness and acceptance to our client community, and her work ethic is a wonderful example for our staff and the entire volunteer team. Both Diane and her husband Harold lead by example and are wonderful ambassadors for the Food Bank and they exemplify community service. Even after suffering debilitating strokes in 2022 Diane’s determination to get back to her volunteering at the Food Bank was a big part of what motivated her rehabilitation. Together, as a community, we all celebrated her milestones as she regained her balance, and relearned how to walk, talk, and manage her health concerns. Diane’s tenacity and focused rehabilitation now have her back working in the Food Bank every Thursday morning again!

“We are very pleased that Diane has been selected by the Alberta Blue Cross Community Wellbeing program for recognition of her community service and lengthy period of active volunteerism. We are grateful that she chooses to support the Food Bank with her time and efforts. She is a worthy recipient and a true treasure to us; she deserves this acknowledgement. We are very fortunate to have a terrific volunteer team who support the Food Bank with their time, skills and hearts!”

– Kassandra Gartner, Executive Director

You can read more information about the AB Blue Cross program here: AB Blue Cross Community Wellbeing Volunteer Recognition