The Fort Saskatchewan Food Bank is a proud member of the Poverty Awareness Fort Saskatchewan, which started as a group of community minded individuals getting together to talk about the presence of poverty and homeless in Fort Saskatchewan.


Poverty Awareness Fort Saskatchewan is a committee made up of local service providers who work with some of the city’s most vulnerable peoples. After noticing an increase in community residents struggling with the hardships of poverty and homelessness, the group came together with the idea of raising awareness and creating change around the often unseen struggles of rural homelessness and poverty happening right in our own backyard. Now, PAFS continues that mission of awareness with the added goal of raising money to support the Poverty Awareness Emergency Fund.

Becoming informed and get involved in addressing poverty by following the PAFS on Facebook and Twitter, or by visiting member’s websites below:

Thank you to our valued community partners who continue to give generously in recognition and response to growing hunger, in honour of a collaborative effort to provide immediate relief of food insecurity, and in the hopes that one day we will no longer have such a pressing need to give…

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