Nourishing Body, Mind and Soul

Fort Saskatchewan, we needed a little more space to reflect on what’s really important. And now, reinvigorated by the potential and opportunity of a larger, modern building with all the fixings, we know what we need to truly taste success…

Your generous donation of funding to permanently secure our new space will bring to fruition not just a more effective Food Bank Help Full in our invitation to Come Fort Food today, but a Community Nourishment Centre Hope Full in its promise for a better, more sweeter tomorrow.

As caring operators of both the local Food bank and Nourishment Centre, the Fort Saskatchewan Food Gatherers Society hopes to widen its doors to welcome not just clients in need, but the community at large, with the room, resources and opportunity for personal and professional collaboration, education and advancement.


With your much needed contribution, we will work together to achieve success as measured by number of lives changed for the better — vanquishing not just the sharp pangs of an empty stomach, but the stigma of poverty; for we are all worthy and deserving of our next meal, and any one of us might be just another shutdown, housing drop, or round of layoffs away from our very own time of need…

Where the Food Bank promises immediate relief and comfort, the aspirational idea of a Nourishment Centre as a warm, inviting and collaborative space offering informational services and training beyond those expected of a traditional food bank is one full of hope; ripe with the potential for educational experiences sure to stir the soul and offer a lasting helping of happiness.

Here we will be sure to forge strategic partnerships with corporate and community organizations, governmental funders and regulators, senior, health and educational institutions, and industry and philanthropic supporters in order to offer adequate space, educational resources and opportunity for personal advancement. Here we have the potential to get creative and reach for such things as a community kitchen in which to teach a full menu of cooking and nutrition classes. Here we can partner with other non-profits to benefit all and help strengthen family and community ties through various seminars and workshops. Here we can offer corporate team building retreats and events, and off-campus learning for young adults. Here we can be bold and fight for equal rights. Here we will promote the practice of give and take…encouraging not just the public at large, but food bank clients of any age to donate their time, talents and skill sets where best suited in order to continue to feel productive and useful and confident. Here people will happily come to take care and give thanks…never forced to swallow their pride, for all are worthy and deserving of their next meal. Here we will finally have the room to burn through stigmas and social classes as we open the minds and hearts of others…stressing that each thread-each man, woman, child and senior-contributes to the resilience and durability of the very fabric of our community, and for so long as the people and places of Fort Saskatchewan continue to make food, item, time and monetary deposits to the Food Bank, we will continue to exist for them to make essential withdrawals from if and when vital to their health and well-being.

Give. Thanks…Because you’re welcomed too.

To become a vital sponsor and help support our vision for a healthier, happier community, please make your donation through our secure online donation form, in person at the Food Bank during operating hours, or by mail. For contact information, location, and operating hours, please visit our Contact Us page.

Office Hours

Monday, Wednesday, Friday:
9am — 4pm

Shopping Days

Select Wednesdays 11am-6pm
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Hamper Days

Tuesdays: 10am-7pm
Thursdays: 10am-5pm

The Fort Saskatchewan Food Gatherers Society is a registered charity which operates the Fort Saskatchewan Food Bank, Christmas Hamper Campaign, School Snack Program, and various other essential programs and services from the Fort Saskatchewan Nourishment Centre in order to serve a little hope and happiness to the people of Fort Saskatchewan in various times of need.