Be Help Full.

As a volunteer Governance Board Director with the Fort Saskatchewan Food Gatherers Society and its Nourishment Centre, you can help serve to strengthen the foundations and futures of Fort Saskatchewan residents, families and the community at large.

You have an open, progressive mind with a strong desire to curb oppressive stereotyping and discrimination, to share valuable information and ideas in the promotion of dignity, self-esteem and relationship building; the empathy to realize that vulnerability and need doesn’t make someone less of a person…it makes them more human and more deserving of a little humanity; and the understanding that success is best measured not by pounds of food distributed but by lives changed. We now have the space, resources, and renewed momentum to distribute even larger helpings of hope and happiness with our healthy food hampers; and an aspirational strategy for you to chew on that is sure to encourage the conversations and actions needed to implement real, lasting solutions in the feeding of body, mind, soul, and community spirit.

Individuals with community connections and experience in the following areas would be a strong asset:

  • Involvement or previous experience with a Governance Board
  • Business & Financial Management
  • General Legal Experience
  • Fund Development
  • Capital Campaigns
  • Change Management
  • Leadership

Board Directors are required to attend one in-person board meeting per month, and participate in fund development events, annual strategic planning workshops, and at least one committee. Members are elected by the Membership of the Fort Saskatchewan Food Gatherers Society at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). To ensure the continuity of the Board, Directors are elected for two-year terms. The position of Board Director is strictly volunteer and does not include remuneration.

To apply, please download the 2024 Board Application Form, fill it in, and email it to— and boldly step toward making a difference.

Role Information

As a charitable organization, the Fort Saskatchewan Nourishment Centre’s primary role is to help support local residents and families during times of food insecurity, through the thoughtful collection and distribution of a healthy variety of foods and goods, and even more diverse, longer-term strategies designed to strengthen and enhance the lives of others; vanquishing not just the sharp pangs of an empty stomach, but the stigma associated with the asking for, and acceptance of, much needed help. The Fort Saskatchewan Food Gatherers Society is committed to the provision of empathy, goodwill and food and product charity in a safe, comfortable and welcoming environment free from fear and judgement.

Office Hours

Monday, Wednesday, Friday:
9am — 4pm

Shopping Days

Select Wednesdays 11am-6pm
Call us to book a time

Hamper Days

Tuesdays: 10am-7pm
Thursdays: 10am-5pm

The Fort Saskatchewan Food Gatherers Society is a registered charity which operates the Fort Saskatchewan Food Bank, Christmas Hamper Campaign, School Snack Program, and various other essential programs and services from the Fort Saskatchewan Nourishment Centre in order to serve a little hope and happiness to the people of Fort Saskatchewan in various times of need.