Current Board of Directors

President: Amanda Bell

Vice-President: Dorothy (Dee) Lawrence

Secretary: Joyann Francis

Treasurer: Allan Wesley

Directors at Large:

  • Corey Brewis
  • Mike Leroux
  • Lloyd Majeski
  • Vanessa Pearman
  • Patrick Kinney
  • Rachelle Sutherland

Office Hours

Monday, Wednesday, Friday:
9am — 4pm

Shopping Days

Select Wednesdays 11am-6pm
Call us to book a time

Hamper Days

Tuesdays: 10am-7pm
Thursdays: 10am-5pm

The Fort Saskatchewan Food Gatherers Society is a registered charity which operates the Fort Saskatchewan Food Bank, Christmas Hamper Campaign, School Snack Program, and various other essential programs and services from the Fort Saskatchewan Nourishment Centre in order to serve a little hope and happiness to the people of Fort Saskatchewan in various times of need.