Crowther Family

With the establishment of on-site vegetable gardens this summer, made possible through the United Way Capital Region Heartland Challenge partnership, Food Bank volunteers are growing healthy, fresh food to distribute through various programs – getting food directly into homes that are struggling with food insecurity.

Recently the Fort Saskatchewan Food Bank was able to hold a community BBQ to celebrate and dedicate the new garden space.

“Today, we dedicate this extraordinary space and I’d like to share heartfelt words from Joyann Francis, one of our dedicated board members who had the privilege of knowing Hannah Hope Crowther closely for many years.

Joyann’s words beautifully express why we’ve gathered here today:

“Hannah Hope Crowther was an active volunteer at the Fort Saskatchewan Food Bank. She worked a dry-goods fill shift and was loved by all. Hannah had a lot of medical challenges in her young life but met all of them with her fierce determination and quick wit. She had a huge heart, and wanted to make the world a better, kinder, and more inclusive place. Hannah was not only a Champion of hope but an advocate of change for the better. She was absolutely fearless in speaking her mind and took every opportunity to educate others when it came to moral and ethical conversations. She had a love of writing and was a great storyteller. She lives on through her precious gift of tissue and organ donation. This garden represents her hope for a better and more sustainable future.”

Now, as we officially dedicate this garden, I invite you to join us in embracing the name “Garden of Hope.” This garden embodies not only the hope for a more sustainable future but also the hope that, like Hannah, we can all be champions of positive change. It symbolizes our commitment to nurturing the values of kindness, inclusivity, and resilience that Hannah held dear. It stands as a testament to the power of community, the power of hope, and the power of individuals like Hannah who inspire us to be better. Let’s remember that hope, like the seeds we plant in this garden, has the incredible ability to flourish, bloom, and spread its warmth far and wide. The Garden of Hope is a living tribute to Hannah’s spirit and the enduring values she embodied. May it remind us all to fearlessly pursue positive change and to stand up for what we believe in, just as Hannah did.

A special thank you to the United Way Heartland Challenge team and our volunteer garden team for making this garden a
possibility for us much sooner than we had hoped.”

Amanda Bell, President, Fort Saskatchewan Food Gatherers Society (excerpt from event speech)

The Crowther Family was present at the garden commemoration event and expressed emotional gratitude that Hannah’s memory lives on through this dedication and the Fort Saskatchewan Food Bank.  Hannah Hope Crowther passed away suddenly on May 4, 2022. Hannah saved numerous lives with her gift of organ and tissue donation.

Passionate supporters of organ donation, the Crowther family encourages everyone to sign their donor card and talk with their families about their intention to donate. For more information on how to do this, visit